Boat House

ISO200 50mm f/8.0

ISO200 50mm f/8.0

It was pointed out as I was preparing this post, that in fact my wife was the one who wanted this picture taken. I will admit that I do try to keep my eyes open for possible photo opportunities, sometimes I miss things even if they are a big boat house.

The boat house is a very interesting building and at first look you wouldn’t know that is what it is. It looks more like a stylized out building. I wanted to frame the shot with more of the river but the background would have been full of modern buildings and I wanted to keep the photo concentrating on the architecture and not the contrast between old and new.

I do like the shadows of the trees falling across the building and the framed by the trees. I processed the image as a HDR to get the differing colours in the bricks and the micro contrast creating a faux sharpening with the bricks.

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6 thoughts on “Boat House

  1. Your wife has a good eye, Ben. I would never have guessed this is a boat house. It looks like a cross between a church and a defensive tower. Whichever, it’s a very good photograph. Quite right to keep the modern buildings out!

    • Thanks Andrew, she does have a good eye. I want to go back in the summer to see some of the places I was photographing with the trees full of leaves and flowers blooming.

  2. Very good photograph, Ben. And kudos to your art director/location scout. Always great to have a team working on these things. I like what you have done with the color image here. The only thought that occurs to me would be to see what it looked like as a B&W. It may not work, but the trees and sky could give it a quite different look if you went monochrome.

    • I not sure if it would work in black and white as the orange and the green will have similar tones and the sky unless I intentionally darken the blue tones will be quite flat.

      Gosia is great at seeing stuff I miss, which is why I like heading out with her even if I get asked sometimes how much longer I will be, eg in the mountains spending 1 hour in a river taking a picture.

    • Thanks Mark we do make a good team, if I am photographing an event I will give her my G10 and get her to take shots while I am trying to get the money shots and it can be interesting what we get.

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