#1day12pics June

For the last few months, each month I have taken part in the 1day12pics challenge. This is an Instagram and Twitter challenge organized by Emma and Michelle. The concept is simple, on one day of the month usually in the first week of the month, you take one picture roughly every hour for one day and share the image via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag 1day12pics.

This month I had the idea of doing a selfie for each hour, but throughout the day this fell by the wayside although I kept it up as much as I could.

#1day12pics morning rush to finish preperation for the schools family picnic.

#1day12pics feel like the rabbit in “alice in wonderland”.

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#1day12pics family picnic time.

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#1day12pics family picnic time.

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#1day12pics still picnic tome at school.

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#1day12pics still picnic time at school.

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#1day12pics grill

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#1day12pics grill

#1day12pics away from the picnic trying to cool down.

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#1day12pics taking in the sun.

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#1day12pics taking in the sun.

#1day12pics sitting down to eat and to take advantage on the air conditioning.

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#1day12pics cool beer to wash down my curry.

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#1day12pics cool beer to wash down my curry.

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#1day12pics riding the tram.

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#1day12pics riding the tram.

#1day12pics cool down with green tea and mint slush ice tea.

The day was quite busy as I had my schools family day, which is like a picnic with lots of presentations and performances by the children. Then my wife and I went into the city to cool down and pick up some odds and ends before having a curry at a great Indian restaurant. Next it was back home to relax and write this post.

If you didn’t take part in the challenge today that’s fine, the rules of the challenge are very flexible and you don’t have to take part on the specific day set but any time in the month. So there is still time

How has your week end faired? Was it full of photography? Let me know in the comment box along with any other comments you may have.

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3 thoughts on “#1day12pics June

  1. another great challenge! you seem to participate in a number of challenges, how do you keep them all straight? what is due when? how do you keep all your projects, ideas, due dates, etc organized, if you don’t mind me asking……

    • I do try and take part in as many challenges as I can.
      I don’t mind you asking at all. How I keep track of them is by adding them to my google calender (where I have all my classes that I teach planned out) with the date that I need to post and then adding a shoot date a few days earliar so I can photograph for that challenge. I do this for all excepta “wordless wednesday” where I choose an image I have no words for but the image explains itself.
      I also use twitter where I share a lot of my challenges and there is a great community of people there taking part in different challenges and post reminders as well.
      I hope this helps.

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