Photoshop Sunday; Father Like Son

Today is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate those who we share half of our genetic makeup with or a day to say thanks to those who have stepped into the role, guiding us through our informative years and still are there at the end of the phone when you need help or advice.
Coincidentally today is also a day for photoshopping and flexing those digital muscles. I decided to take an old picture of my dad and give it some knew life.


The image actually comes from a slide I have. I am going to guess it was taken by my mum when they were dating or just after they had got married but a long time ago. Of course the picture was taken around the middle of the day with my dad standing with his back to the sun with no fill in flash to bring out the details of my father waving topless at the camera.
There was a lot to fix in this image but big things were going to be the exposure and the white balance.


I did most of the work in Camera Raw. I was able to make large global adjustments and then using selection brushes bring it all back together. I tried to bring more detail out in my dad but the quality of the pixels after being pushed this far were not good, so I went for a silhouette.
As I raised the overall exposure of the image, I revealed more dust and scratches which I tackled in Photoshop. To get rid of the dust and scratches I created a duplicate layer and used dust and scratches filter quite aggressively. I then used a mask to selectively apply the filter to the image. I created a new layer and used a mixture of clone and heal brushes to tackle some larger spots, leaving some for authenticity.
I finally added the boarder from another image scanned image of a similar age.

I hope you like it dad.

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