Mr Web’s Dinner

ISO800 50mm + 65mm extension tubes f/16 1/250

ISO800 50mm + 65mm extension tubes f/16 1/250

This was one of the hardest shots I have taken recently. The spider made his web on a very nice bush which was surrounded by brambles and thorns. I was wearing my shorts and got scratched up leaning in and out to focus. Another issue was that the light created a strange optical illusion. At one angle you could see the web and just by turning slightly it would disappear. Even though the light was strong I used my flash for some extra light. This has actually got be thinking about buying a ring flash, as it means that I can bring down my ISO and have a smaller aperture and fast shutter speed.

I like the sharpness of the spider and that you can see the web slightly fading in and out. The background is nicely blurred and not too distracting and the colours are strong.

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10 thoughts on “Mr Web’s Dinner

  1. Sorry, about the ring flash. I have the Nikon double flash, same idea but two flashes, good for some things but hard to diffuse like a ring flash. A soft box, in my view is easier to diffuse, you can stuff it with silk etc. Lastolite makes two good models the small Apollo and the Ezybox. Regards,

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