Pałac w Nieborowie

Nieborowie Palace

ISO 400 18mm f/11 1/500 HDR edited in HDR Efex, Photoshop and Lightroom

The origins of Nieborów date back to the end of 12th century when a settlement was founded and afterwards a village with the wooden mansion and the church erogated in 1314. At the beginning of the 16th century a Gothic Renaissance mansion was raised which lasted till the 17th century. At that period of time the Nieborów grounds belonged to the Nieborowski family of the Prawda (Truth) coat of arms.

The history of the palace is quite extensive and with each owner gaining the property from inheritance or purchasing it from a family member.  You can read the full history here.

The image took quite a while to edit; I kept going back and starting again because I didn’t like the outcome. Apart from creating the HDR, I replaced the sky with the underexposed frame that has a darker sky. Replacing the sky didn’t take that long compared to colour toning. First I worked on the image in Lightroom, but I wasn’t happy. I then made a copy of the image and processed the shot in Colour Efex, this didn’t work either the image seemed to lose its pop and I gave Exposure 4 a go and this still didn’t work.
I needed some fresh eyes so I asked my wife which one she liked. She preferred the Lightroom edit, I went back there and started again keeping what I liked while adding some bits that from the other edits.

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8 thoughts on “Pałac w Nieborowie

  1. Good morning, Ben. Another great post. I have greater appreciation for artists now. I mean I always appreciate their works, but now I appreciate even more.

    • The greater appreciation is nice Helen, I do feel sometimes that people think photography is just one click filters and a few mins in front of a screen. More appreciation of the work and skill is welcomed.
      Thanks for commenting.

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