Divine Moment

ISO2500 18mm f/14 1/400 HDR Edited in Photomatix and Lightroom

ISO2500 18mm f/14 1/400 HDR Edited in Photomatix and Lightroom

“Saint Peter was guarding the gate to Heaven, and a line was forming. The first introduced himself as a devout man of God who had lived a life of self-sacrificing service. ‘Fine,’ said Saint Peter.’ Take the 34A bus to the other side of the tracks, walk two miles into the slums and you will find a hovel that is your new home.’

The next was a nun who had ministered to the wretched and dispossessed in the most troubled war-torn areas of the world. ‘Welcome,’ said Saint Peter. ‘You take the train, the two changes on the subway and you will come to a fifth floor walkup with no heating or bathroom.’

The next in line was a bishop who had devoted himself to the dogma and ritual of the church without distraction all his life. ‘For you, we have a special place,’ said Saint Peter. ‘You will have to walk ten miles with all your possessions and build your own shack in the woods.’

Next was a shabby looking rogue. When Saint Peter say him, his eyes lit up and he embraced him warmly. ‘A chauffeur-driven limo awaits you,’ said Saint Peter. ‘It will take you to your mansion equipped with every imaginable delight.’

The Bishop overheard this greeting and remonstrated with Saint Peter. ‘But I and the others have been devoted servants of God and we are given the poorest accommodations. Why does this outcast deserve the best?’

‘Ah,’ said Saint Peter, ‘he’s very special. You see, he’s a photographer and we rarely get one of those up here.’”

Ansel Adams

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    • I have a colour edit that I spent along time on but I couldn’t get it to work. Black and white just worked straight away.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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