Peaceful Summers Eve

ISO 400 f/8 1/200 Edited in Lightroom

ISO 400 f/8 1/200 Edited in Lightroom

Recently I have been trying to get my weight down and I have been quite successful. I have been trying to find a type of exercise to add to my daily routine, something which I would enjoy as well as something that can easily be assimilated. I have chosen cycling, something that I used to do a lot in earlier years, cycling around my home town, to university and to find places to photograph. The first days ride was good but a little bit of a system shock, with each day it is getting easier. At the moment I am on summer recess meaning I have less teaching with schools being closed and people don’t want lessons in the summer. This has been a perfect opportunity to get back into cycling as I can   get into shape to cycle to school in September as well as start exercising. The above shot was taken on an evening’s ride to one of the many parks in the city, wouldn’t have known it was there if it wasn’t for going out on a bike.

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9 thoughts on “Peaceful Summers Eve

  1. Well done on becoming a cyclist. I would like to join you but HK is simply too dangerous and there are very few cycle paths. Its a lovely photo – very warm light and well composed. Sounds like you win both ways.

    • I think it is a win, I can now get my exercise (healthy) and take photos (fun) and combine them together. My city has a lot of cycle paths and bike friendly roads, so it is quite safe to travel around.

  2. Bravo, finding an activity that allows you to be both creative and healthy! I love the photo you have found a wonderful way to bring out the warm colour of the grass and keep the nice blue in the water and the sky, well done.

  3. Good for you, Ben! Embrace the freedom you have this summer to pursue your cycling. If some photography is thrown in there as well, all the better — for you, and for us 🙂 Great, zen-like photo – love the reflection. Just makes me sigh with contentment.

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