Skittish Spider

ISO250 50mm + 65mm extension tubes f/16 1/100 sec

ISO250 50mm + 65mm extension tubes f/16 1/100 sec

“Spider venom comes in many forms. It can often take a long while to discover the full effects of the bite. Naturalists have pondered this for years: there are spiders whose bite can cause the place bitten to rot and to die, sometimes more than a year after it was bitten. As to why spiders do this, the answer is simple. It’s because spiders think this is funny, and they don’t want you ever to forget them.”
― Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys

This spider was a skittish little thing, I think he was actually trying to rebuild his web between two branches. As he kept moving around it made keeping him in focus quite difficult in the end I got a few shots that worked.
I love the Neil Gaiman quote because it humanises spiders and gives a funny twist on something that can be deadly or just annoying to us. This summer I have been prone to bug bites and had an allergic reaction to one. After reading Gaiman’s quote I think that these bites are just kisses with bright red lipstick from the bug.

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