Blog Hop; Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing

I have been generously nominated to take part in the creative blog hop by Emma Greenwood (Tales Of  Greenwood). There were three questions I have been asked to answer about creativity and inspiration.
Being an artistic person I can say that it is hard to be really creative all the time, it is not possible as there is a point when the creative well becomes dry.

It can be hard to be creative; when you are trying to blog everyday while reading other blogs, everyone seems to be creative all the time and you are sat there pulling a blank. Trying to come up with a new idea can be hard as every time you look up you see the idea has already been done. The best advice I have ever read for staying creative is, “Don’t get off the bus”.
The Helsinki Bus Station Theory basically is a metaphor for the creative process, all ideas share similar steps and processes but after a while ideas diverge and take different directions. The problem is people “get off the bus”/dump an idea because it is the same something else, they do this before the point when ideas diverge. “Stay on the bus”/keep going with an idea until its conclusion as you never know where it will lead.

Q1: What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk over the past week or so?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a few creative ideas. One is a still life series where I dissect fruit and then suspend the elements in a creative composition. Another has been experimenting with different ways to print and display photographs, also a recent Photoshop experiment has led to some requests for similar images and I have been working on these as well. 

Q2: Where are you currently finding your inspiration?


An image created by deconstructing Daguerreotype photos and using Photoshop to recreate the style and look.

My current inspiration is coming from looking at images and trying to replicate them. This can be quite fun as you have to deconstruct and find ways of replicating processes be it with Photoshop or in camera. I also get inspiration from reading and watching films.

Q3: How important is being creative to you & how do you blend this with your work/life/family

Being creative is actually quite important to me. If I am in a non-creative state for too long, I start to get moody. In my day job teaching primary and secondary school students English as a Foreign Language I have to find creative ways to introduce and help develop confidence in English language. In the past I have created interactive flash games, role plays and directed theatre productions for English theatre competitions.

Stop motion animation created by class four,learning instructions and how to give them as well as vocabulary for film and television.

At home my creativity dons the walls and sometimes our plates as well as finding cost cutting measures, for example designing the invitations and order of service for my wedding. Of course life cannot always be creative, yet I always find time to add creative activities to the week.

If you are in a creative lull, don’t sit at the computer expecting creativity to come. Get up, go out and be active, creativity sometimes comes to you but sometimes you have to go to creativity.

I now must nominate two bloggers to take part and answer these three questions.

Laura Macky ; who has an amazing photography blog every day there are beautiful and amazing images.

Mommy Emu ; who comes up with some creative ideas on how we can live our lives in a more eco-friendly way.

Please take the time to check them out.

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