“I can’t see what of ! “

Although the anniversary of my blog is on the 30th of July, I state the anniversary as the 1st of August. Today is the second anniversary of Aperture64 and I have decided to reblog my first photographic post. Enjoy a blast from the past.


Beatle-eating-mushroom From my series of images called “Shooms and Bugs”

Yesterday I was out in the city, I don’t normally have a lot of free time during the semester and the summer break is a good time to go out with my camera and see what I can see. Normally if I am doing a project I have a set idea in mind. There is an on-going project called “Shrooms and Bugs” that I am working on, these pictures are only taken in the autumn when it is mushroom picking season.  For this project I know the type of images I am looking for, different mushrooms and plants as well as the tiny insects and bugs that live in the environment. On days like today I just like to go for a walk look.

I was walking down Kosciuszki street heading towards Plac Wolnosci, where I was planning a 360 panoramic…

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