Photoshop Sunday; Unfound Door

Today’s Photoshop Sunday was inspired by Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. This is a series that I read last summer and was thoroughly hooked by the way this fantasy series could be found winding through his other works.
In the story there is an important and unique use of doors where the characters can travel between time and even to different worlds. Some doors are allow people to travel back and forth while others only allow a single use.

I had the idea of an image of a landscape with an open door leading to a different one. After a bit of thinking I decided the landscape to appear to be a room, leaving one world through the door was like going from one room to another.


I used four stock images to create the image; green rough landscape, the door and a flooded landscape.
I created a square document and imported the green landscape and stretched the image to fit. I duplicated and split the image into three. The two sides I transformed using perspective to create the side walls. I then imported a wooden floor stock image and used the transform to adjust the perspective of the image. I duplicated the green landscape again and placed this underneath the wooden floor player and set the wooden floor to overlay.
Onto the door, I imported the door and then the second landscape image. Using a mask and setting the second landscape underneath the door layer, I made it seem as if the door was opening into another place.

Once all the pieces were put into place I then toned the image using curves, levels and saturation adjustment layers. I used masks and brushes to blend the image together.

Let me know what you think in the comment box below, be it positive or negative.

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