Mystery Ladybird

ISO 250 50mm + 65mm Extension Tubes F/11 1/250

ISO 250 50mm + 65mm Extension Tubes F/11 1/250

This ladybird was blending quite well on the yellow flower when I spotted it. I thought it was just a standard ladybird with a black body and yellow spots. When trying to find out its name I hit a brick wall, all those that I saw were yellow bodied with black spots. After quite a bit of searching I think I found its name “Brachiacantha decempustulata”; although 10 spots are most common, 14 spot variants are known. I could still be wrong and this is actually a different Ladybird.

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10 thoughts on “Mystery Ladybird

  1. All of the lady bugs (ladybirds) that I see tend to be red and black, so a yellow and black one seems pretty exotic to me. Sorry I can’t help with identifying the species, but I love your image with all of that yellow, which gives it a cheery feel.

    • The black and red Ladybugs/Lady birds are the standard Harlequin Ladybugs. I loved that fact that he was on the yellow and it created a nice contrast and the yellow is really vibrant.

  2. Great eye. I love the yellow on yellow. Your photo makes me vaguely reminiscent of where I grew up, where we had red, yellow, even orange ladybugs. Thanks for the memory!

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