Spider Mending Its Web

It is said that Robert the Bruce after being defeated by the English six times in battle he went into hiding. Sat in a cave he saw a spider that was spinning its web. The spider tried six times to loop its thread onto the cave wall. Bruce felt a kinship with the spider after both having been defeated six times, yet he was amazed as the spider tried for a seventh and succeeded. Bruce stood up and was resolved to try again and beat the English and have Scotland recognised as an independent nation. If a spider can overcome defeat so can a man. If at first you don’t succeed try try again.

ISO250 50mm+65mm extension tubes f/11 1/250

ISO250 50mm+65mm extension tubes f/11 1/250

Photography is one of those mediums, where to get a shot sometimes you have to try try again. With this spider I spent a long time photographing him and then leaving, only to return with the same resolve as Bruce to get the shot. I dont think I got the best shot but the latter ones were the better.

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7 thoughts on “Spider Mending Its Web

  1. These are much more difficult than they look. If outdoors even the slightest breath of breeze is a killer for sharpness. And getting decent DoF is tough too. I like the monochrome treatment very much.

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