Kamieńczyk Falls

At the moment my wife and I are on our holidays. Like last year we have chosen an active holiday in the mountains. Unlike last year we are in the south west of Poland not the south, it is cooler (last year we had 40 degree dead heat) and we are fitter. We also have working internet in our accommodation. One thing hasn’t changed I am still taking longer to go up and down mountains that planned due to photo opportunities.

Yesterday we climbed Szrenica which our apartment is in the shadow of and a third of the way up is a waterfall. Being the eager and energetic couple we are, we left our apartment early to be at the waterfall for 9am. For safety the path to the waterfall is gated and has metal steps and gangways taking you to the waterfall. You have to pay to see the waterfall and you are given a hard hat to wear while there.
We were nearly first down to the waterfall, I set up my camera with my 10 stop ND filter and started taking pictures. After a while (20mins) my wife tapped me on the shoulder and said “You are starting to annoy people.”. I personally didn’t see how as my tripod was small and I was not in the way for others to take pictures. Being the kind sole I am, I finished my current compositions and moved back to let others get in.

ISO200 18mm f/16 30 sec ND Filter 8 stops

ISO200 18mm f/16 30 sec ND Filter 8 stops

I didn’t use the ND filter to its full effect and was using it at about 8 stops because I wanted to keep my aperture around f/16 and to keep a long exposure long, but I didn’t want to go into bulb mode. I did use bulb with when photographing a different composition, to rescue the sky. I processed the image in Lightroom using an Ilford FP4 preset for the black and white toning.

Today we are not sure what we are going to do as it is raining, but it will be slightly more relaxing than going up Szrenica.

Let me know your thoughts about the image using the comment box below or just say hi, would love to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “Kamieńczyk Falls

  1. Very nice. My ND isn’t variable so its 10 or nothing! It annoys me that people have to pay to see something that is natural. Maybe the hard hats are single use and expensive! 😉

    • It wasn’t very much and it the money does go to the national park so I didn’t mind. I like the variable nd is nice but at some focal lengths on my zoom strange things can happen.

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