Wodospad Szklarki

I am now back in the urban jungle after spending 5 days in the mountains. Although I tried to keep up with blogging everyday, I had no time yesterday after traveling to Prague for a day trip and then packing. I had my laptop while away and was making quick edits of shots, I learnt something about Lightroom though. Sharing images across two computers is interesting, it only took about 2 hours to get the files, flags and tags all synced up.

ISO100 58mm F/25 8/ seconds HDR +/-2 stops

ISO100 58mm F/25 8/ seconds HDR +/-2 stops

The shot above was taken on the way to our holiday apartment; we were running about 30 mins early, even after the sat nav turned off and we got misplaced (not lost) in the first hour of the drive east. The walk from the road to the fall was about 5 mins, which gave me about 20 mins to take photos. There was another photog at the falls in the water; waders, wellies and all. I had to keep out of the water but scrambled on the rocks to get a better shot. I didn’t play with my ND filter, I used the smallest aperture I could to slow the exposure down along with using a low ISO. I was bummed that two days later we couldn’t get back the falls as there was heavy rain and all the rivers were running higher and faster.

I loaded the shots into HDR Efex and then colour toned the image in Lightroom.

How have your holidays been?

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3 thoughts on “Wodospad Szklarki

  1. The waterfall is just gorgeous, Ben! And I enjoyed your story about visiting the falls too 🙂

    Good to know about LR – I only have it on my laptop at this point, but I’ve been thinking about getting a separate tower. I’ll keep your experience in mind as I’m deciding what to do!

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