Across Kamienna Valley

This time last week I was in Szklarska Poręba hiking up Wysoki Kamien, I shared a panorama from the top of Kamien on Friday as part of the before and after forum. This shot was put together in the same way as that one. It was taken at the base of the rise, we had driven out of the valley to get here. This shot was taken about 5 mins into the climb.

HDR panorama made up of 6 parts. HDR editing in Photmatix, Panorama created in Photoshop and Edited in Lightroom. ISO400 18mm f/10 1/320

HDR panorama made up of 6 parts. HDR editing in Photmatix, Panorama created in Photoshop and Edited in Lightroom.
ISO400 18mm f/10 1/320

I did have an issue taking this shot,  I didn’t have my lens hood in my bag and the sun is right above the centre of the image. I used my hand to shield the lens and took the pictures one handed. I love the clouds in this shot rolling over the tip of the mountain, surprisingly the day was dry after a downpour in the night, it was a little chilly though. Good motivation to keep walking. In the distance covered in the misty haze is the Kamienna Valley.

The only real adjustments where the HDR settings and then in lightroom raising the vibrance and lowering the saturation. This sounds self defeating but vibrance raises the saturation at a stepped increase with the least saturated colours getting more saturation in the adjustment. Adjusting soley with the saturation slider all colours are raised at the same rate. In raising the vibrance you are increasing the saturation but pulling up lacking colours more and then decreasing all colours universally.

I welcome your thoughts on the image in the comment box below.

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7 thoughts on “Across Kamienna Valley

  1. I see you used an 18mm lens. I am rapidly becoming hooked on wide angle lenses having ignored them for years. I like the effect here and I would not have guessed it was taken one-handed. It turned out very well.

  2. I, too, thank you for explaining the difference between vibrance and saturation in Lightroom. I now realize why the overall saturation slider often makes photos look garish, whereas I the saturation sliders for individual colours do not.

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