Sleeping with the Fishes

Last week I headed to the zoo for some animal fun. Lodz zoo may not be the best zoo in Poland but it is pretty good. Apart from the monkeys ( or as certain people call my family) the aquarium is my favorite. I had challenged myself only to use my 50mm lens for the day and I kept to it.


Photographing in the aquarium is hard because of the lack of light, reflections and scratches on the glass. One advantage is that the tanks are brighter than the viewing, area meaning reflections only come when photographing at an angle so i took the photos looking straight on at the tank, even then there were still shots where I got a reflection. The aquarium is also dark, I bumped up my ISO to 2000 and stopped my lens down to f/1.8. This gives a shallow depth of field and I had to photograph the fish while nearly parallel to me. Even then I got some blurred shots. I added panning into the mix and it seemed to work quite well.

In Lightroom I selected the sharpest and the shots with the least reflections, but even with these I had a lot of cleaning up to do, with flecks and bubbles from the water. Processing was mainly contrast and as well as  saturation adjustments.

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4 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Fishes

  1. Wow… These are beautiful. I took some pics of fish in an aquarium a couple of months ago but had to ditch them all because they were terribly… Now, I feel I need to try again. Thanks for sharing.

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