Views at the Top of Chojnik Castle

To reach Chojnik Castle you have three options the black, red and green route. The black route is a hard path to climb and the red path is the family friendly one. I should note family friendly is also a hard climb but the route is paved with granite blocks. The Green trail meets the red half way up and is possibly more adventurous than the other routes going up. Of course the reward for climbing to the top is seeing the castle, then climbing up the tower and seeing these amazing views from the top.

I used the over exposure shots from my brackets  to help preserve details in the landscape and toned to black and white and added contrast.
From the top of the tower you can see so much of the landscape looking over hills and valleys in the distance as well as the town in the shadow of the Castle and its mountain.

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6 thoughts on “Views at the Top of Chojnik Castle

    • Well neither is better really. In the case of these shots the “correct” exposure made the land too dark and the sky blah. Reducing the exposure of the over exposured image gave me a better startong point for editing. This is why I like to bracket shots.

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