The Easy Path

ISO 400 26mm f/20 HDR created in Photomatix and editied in Colour Efex

ISO 400 26mm f/20 1/80

After a steep climb up to the summit I decided that I would take the easy way down. Although It was meant to be easier the path did become harder the further I went down the mountain.

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6 thoughts on “The Easy Path

  1. This is a great image and the path looks wonderfully inviting, but I share your understanding (and Andrew’s concern) about the additional pressures that await further down the path. As he said, it’s the knees…

    • With this particular route down the mountain everything is of for the first third as it follows the mountains natural contour. the middle third is just down down down and my knees started to feel it but for the final third it starts to ease out again except for the stones under foot.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hope to see you around again.

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