Clichéd Composition

Yellow Flower Looking Down

ISO400 135mm f11 1/500

Composition is one of the most important parts of a photo and there are rules to be followed. The problem with rules is that if everyone one follows them in the same way we end up doing things in exactly the same. If we break the rules, our images have the potential to be different as well as unbalanced and not as pleasing to the eye. Sometimes though in following the rules a composition of a subject can become clichéd. This is not to say top down shots of flowers, with only the flower in focus, the background blurred and also cropped to a square does not make a pleasing picture. I feel that it just doesn’t make the subject that interesting because, I am sure, I have seen this picture a thousand times before.

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6 thoughts on “Clichéd Composition

  1. The square format may be an easy option for such flower shots but it certainly is a challenge for landscape and portrait photography. Regarding breaking the rules, quite often only the gifted succeed, most of my attempts end up being deleted!

  2. To modify a quote from Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles, “Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!” I have no real interest in what other people have decided are rules or guidelines or whatever–so far as an art form is concerned. It’s up to each artist to follow his/her own vision. Deviations from the expected can often provide inspiration to others who may not previously have found themselves receptive to a new point of view.

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