Autumn is Here

Autumn is most definitely here or fall is most definitely here, depending where you are from. The different name for the third season has been on my mind for the last week. One of my classes has taken a keen interest in differences between American English and British English. The term autumn dates back as far as the 1300’s and was even used to describe the season in Shakespeare’s Midsummers Night’s Dream. However the common folk used Harvest, which comes from the Old Norse word Haust; meaning to pluck or gather. As people moved towards the towns Harvest fell out of use and they began using the term fall; a shortened form of the Old English Feallan (to fall or to die). As people travelled to America they continued using fall for the third season, while in England fall was replaced by Autumn.

32bit 7 Exposure HDR Edited in Photoshop HDR Pro and Lightroom.

32bit 7 Exposure HDR Edited in Photoshop HDR Pro and Lightroom.

I wanted to experiment some more with 32bit editing, I went out and took a 7 brackets HDR. The reason I wanted so many brackets was to see if the amount of detail increased and as I guess it did.

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13 thoughts on “Autumn is Here

  1. Lovely photo! Your musings on 32bit processing are very interesting, Ben. Does this mean that if we want lots of digital data to extract as much detail as possible we should take the 32bit HDR route and therefore take multiple exposures even if a one exposure image would record the dynamic range of the scene? I’ll have to experiment.

  2. WordPress app fail, Sorry I wrote a reply 2 days ago but the app didn’t post it so i will try and reply again.
    I think 32 bit is the future of HDR, as it helps create realistic images. yet just like HDR 32 bit is a tool in the photographers belt. There will be times when a single 16 bit file be fine.

    • I have had similar mishaps using WordPress on my phone. I am interested in this technique. Since 80% ot the data of an image file is on the right hand side I’m thinking one could apply HDR principles to the taking of any photo, when using a tripod, to extract maximum detail, although it means more post processing

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