Is it a Castle?

When living in a foreign country you have many barriers that you must face. Some are cultural others are legal and it could also be religious or even one of climate, but the biggest one is language. What I love about living abroad is that I have learnt so much more about words and what their true meaning is. A good example of this happened this weekend.
With the number of free weekends coming to a close before I have to start teaching on Saturdays again, my wife and I headed to Uniejów (a town about a 90min drive from where we live) to see a castle. Although I had briefly looked at pictures on google I thought I knew what I was going to see, a castle. In the past I have had to deal with the misunderstanding of the term castle as being more of a stately residence. When we got to the castle at Uniejów I was not excited and my creative juices did not flow. To me this was not a castle; it was once but not anymore. It had a tower, a courtyard and a 5th of a moat but the building had also been change at the front over time to look more like a manor house.
Although I shouldn’t have been surprised that it didn’t look like a castle as the term castle is a hotly debated among scholars. The definition of a castle is a private fortified residence, helping to separate them from fortresses and palaces, the term can be applied to a varying of structures from hill forts to country houses. Maybe I was really looking for a fortress.

Uniejow Castle

The picture is a 32 bit edit from three exposures that I balanced in lightroom and then edited in Silver Efex. The sky was originally a strong blue which i darkened using the red colour filter in silver efex, also I placed control points on the castle to add more structure there.

This shot is my contribution to Leanne Cole’s and Laura Macky’s Mono Madness. Please check out  Leanne’s Blog  where all of the images entered will be shown later today.

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4 thoughts on “Is it a Castle?

    • Ambitious is exactly the word I would use. We have found some more in a 2 hour radius and soon will make a day of it and do a bit of a tour.
      Thanks for commenting Mara.

  1. Really interesting post Ben and a wonderful capture. At a glance it does look more ‘manor house-ish’ – at least from the front anyway. Nice! 🙂

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