Up for Discussion – Using Extension Tubes

I was asked by Leanne Cole to write a Guest Post for her blog about Extension tubes. For those that don’t follow Leanne I have reblogged the post here for you to enjoy. Please remember to visit her blog and like comment and share.


On this blog I have noticed how many of you seem to enjoy macro photography, me among them.  I don’t have a macro lens and it was frustrating me quite a bit, and then Ben, from APERTURE64, suggested I get some extension tubes.  He told me how I could use them with my 50mm lens.  So I did and they have been fantastic.  I also like, now that I have the loan Tamron 90mm Macro lens, I can also use the tubes on it as well.  I asked Ben if he would write a post on using them for us.  

What is an Extension tube?

Extension tubes are a tube that goes between your camera and lens, at present extension tubes are available for DSLRs with full frame and cropped sensors. An extension is a tube placed between the lens and camera reducing the minimum focus distances of the lens, enabling you…

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