October Photo A Day; Everything was Awesome

In October I took part in a photo a day challenge on Instagram. The challenge was quite simple, each day was a letter of the alphabet and you had to take a photo corresponding to that letter. Of course October has 31 days so the last 5 days were the numbers 1-5. When I take part in challenges I like to have something that links the images together, this can be using the same filter, perspective or composition, as well as an element in the image that is the same. With this challenge I started with Lego figures which soon got out of control as I found more figures and added them to the Lego family.

My process of taking the pictures was fairly simple; for each prompt I would think of a word or a phrase beginning with that letter and then build a scene around it. For this photo a day challenge I didn’t use my phone, instead I used my Cannon G10 with an external flash. All images were edited in lightroom then transferred to my phone to be uploaded to Instagram. Nothing was added to the photos and only tonal editing took place in Lightroom.

These projects are good for many reasons. It can be hard to stay creative and having a daily photographic prompt keeps your brain ticking, seriously what words could you think of with beginning with x that you could photograph. I know there is a habit with challenges to take old images and use them but this goes against the idea of a daily photo. For me using the Lego figures added another dimension as it limited as well as freed my creativity.

I am taking part in a new photo a day challenge for November and I am continuing using the Lego figures as I think it will be even harder than the alphabet prompts. You can see all the pictures from October in the gallery below.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Just a reminder that you have until the 6th of November to vote in the before and after forums poll, which will choose the image the participants will be editing for the half year post. Head here to vote.

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17 thoughts on “October Photo A Day; Everything was Awesome

  1. Ben, these are just fantastic!! Your creativity not only in coming up with each scene, but in how you chose to shoot it, is wonderful. I like that you embraced the challenge by creating new photos rather than looking through your archive and that you chose a “theme.” Very helpful tip. Thanks for sharing – I had a blast figuring out what each photo stood for!

    • Thank you Stacy, when people create such challenges they do this with themselves in mind, creatimg a theme helps you take some control and bend the challenge to your photographic strength.

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