#1day12pics November

Yesterday (1st of November) being the first saturday of the month was #1day12 pics day. #1Day12pics is a monthly photo challenge where you have to take 12 pictures in one day, with each picture being taken roughly every hour, but this is not enforced and posted to Twitter or Instagram. #1day12pics is organized by organized by @LovingOurPics and @my_cre8ive.

This particular Saturday was a strange day to do this challenge. Yesterday was All Saints Day and in Poland the tradition is to go to the cemetery and place flowers and candles on the graves of loved ones. Although all my family is buried in England, my wife’s are buried here. I thought spending a day in cemeteries wound not be interesting for this type of challenge. I was wrong.

Let #1day12pics and the fun of #allsaintsday begin. Passing a cementary on the way to the in-laws

#1day12pics arrived in kutno now time for breakfast

#1day12pics At cementary no1, happy that it is not really cold.

#1day12pics candles on the grave

#1day12pics some people rode their bikes to the cementary

#1day12pics lunch time biały barszcz

#1day12pics This is really not the weather to be standing around in a cemetery

#1day12pics heading back to the warm apartment will visit some more graveyards tonight

#1day12pics reading thw gunslinger graphic novel while eating cake and warming up with a nice cup of tea.

#1day12pics the graves at night

#1day12pics soldiers graves, it is great to see people lighting candles for soldiers they never knew.

The last shot for #1day12pics hope you have enjoyed #allsaintsday from #poland

What did you do yesterday?
The next #1day12pics takes place on the 6th of December

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2 thoughts on “#1day12pics November

  1. It was quite fascinated following this on instagram! I think it’s a really amazing thing and all the candles at night give so much atmosphere. Personally, I find cemeteries to be quite relaxing and I enjoy visiting them, I’d love to see this in person.

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