One Four Challenge; Candle with leaves pt 4 double exposure

Robyn over at captivate me has come up with a cool challenge to edit a picture 4 ways called, One Four Challenge. The idea is that you choose one picture for the month, each week edit the shot differently and share it. At the end of the month you will have four different images. You can read more about the challenge here.

I was kind of stumped what to do with the forth incarnation of this picture.  I had already used; Simple colour black and white and split toning processes, and since the image is quite simplistic any editing that was too aggressive was not going to work. While thinking and browsing through other images shot on the same day, I wondered if I could compliment the shot with more candles.

Candle with leaves 4

With this idea in mind I decided to give double exposure a try. I took a wider shot of candles on a grave, using a layer mask and the apply image editing step created a double exposure in Photoshop. I masked in some areas of the main candle so it still felt like the focus of the image. Taking a cue from the other images I converted the image to black and white and applied a softer split toning.

Now at the end of the challenge I have four images. It would be great to know what you thought was best.

I am also going to move the day I post my contributions of this challenge to  Monday, the same day  most of the other participants also post their images. This will mean there will be a new post tomorrow, but with a different image for a new month. It also means that on saturday I will be filling the slot with the image that would have been posted on Monday.

Please also check out Robyn’s post for the final week.

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21 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Candle with leaves pt 4 double exposure

  1. I like what you did with these, Ben. Weeks three and two would be my favourite though, I really like the balance between the amount of light and dark in these shots. Great work, looking forward to December’s images!

  2. interesting project, they are all great, but I like the final results best, you did a great job with the “double exposure effect” and I like the split tone, of the cool blue with the warm candle. grea job.

  3. Morning Ben 😀
    I really like what you tried here this week – the ‘extra’ candles seem to add life to the image. In a way it makes me realise there is more than the one candle in this ‘story’.
    Having said that, #2 is my favourite of the 4. There is a beautiful softness that I love in this image and I too like the way the leaf glows beside the candle.
    A really great month of images 😊

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