One Four Challenge December; Pt1 Fallen Leaves in Colour

I have moved my One Four challenge posts to Mondays to make sure everything is posted at the same time as the other contributors.
This months image was taken in Zdrowie park, on the other side of the road that I haven’t really been to before. but the layout and design of the park is the same.

Fallen Leaves

I processed the shot as a 32bit HDR image, created in Photoshop and toned in Lightroom. It was a very cold day (around -5) and there was an eeriness about the place.
There are some obvious processes I could make in the coming weeks but we will see where the image leads me.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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16 thoughts on “One Four Challenge December; Pt1 Fallen Leaves in Colour

  1. I know I will look forward to your process and explanation each week. The earthy feel of this image is so clear! I love and appreciate the phases of fall.

  2. Hi Ben, I can definitely feel the stillness and see winter (or the coming of) in the skies and trees. There is a bleak feel here too, especially at -5 deg. Brrr!
    Im glad people are asking you about the 32 bit HDR – must reread your post – was going to try it for myself, when I read it before.
    Also looking forward to seeing the other directions, in which you take this image 😀

    • Hi Robyn, 32 bit processing if you have the power to do it is well worth it as you have so much more to work with also as with HDR there are sometimes some strange anomalies. I posted links in an earlier comment if you want to follow them.
      -5 is really the beginning of winter and will drop to at least -20 at some point in the winter, I will never forget the year we went to -30 and I had Ice forming on my beard.

      • Thanks again, yes I’ll be going back to your links and re-reading. Thank you! 😀
        Oh man! That is cold…brrr! Our coldest in very extreme cold would be -10 to -15 deg C and thats only very occasionally, not all winter.
        Stay warm 😀
        Look forward to your next process with this image.

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