One Four Challenge December; Pt2 Fallen Leaves HDR Efex

The One Four Challenge is a weekly challenge where you edit the same image differently each week for one month.
Last week I processed the shot from Zdrowie Park by creating a 32bit image. This week I have processed the three exposures with HDR Efex.

Winter Park 2

With HDR Efex I merged the shot and colour toned the image using the curves dialogue to create a slight shift in the colours. I also used control points in the top right and left to brighten and add more structure. I set the centre of the vignette at the converging line. In Lightroom I sharpened the shot, adjusted the hue of the green, as well as the saturation of the image.

It is interesting seeing the difference between 32bit and a straight HDR, I fell that with last weeks IMage I could have opened it up a lot more in the trees.


Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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16 thoughts on “One Four Challenge December; Pt2 Fallen Leaves HDR Efex

  1. I really like where you went with this image this week. The subtle leaves and bits of green are really lovely. It is pleasant to the eye, well mine at least 🙂

  2. Hey Ben, I really like the different feel you have given us this week, even weather wise. The straight HDR with your changes gives a lighter feel overall.
    It really has opened up the image. Looking forward to number 3 😀
    I must apologise – for some reason (probably WP’s issues) I dont see you in Reader and Im not getting your links, so I keep missing you.
    Made it though – just wanted you to know. 😃

    • Glad you made it, I have have a plethora of issues with wordpress recently, as well as being sick and not in the head space to follow up on the bizarreness that is blogging here sometimes.
      I am glad you like this version. in looking back at the last two weeks I am not completely satisfied with both images, I feel the straight HDR with HDR Efex has left the image feeling grungy with lots of microcontrast details. I get the idea of it being lighter dues to the colder colour pallette. I may try photomatix next week and then we can compare all three.

      • Yes glad I made it too.
        If you have time (next week) would you drop your post URL in my comments for post 3? If you dont get to, I will so others can find you.
        WP are having issues with pingbacks and some do seem to be affected worse than others.
        I understand what you’re saying about the details and microcontrasts – Will look forward to seeing if Photomatix makes the difference next week Ben, if you go that way.
        Glad yo have you on board with us.
        Do feel better very soon xx

  3. I agree with Robyn and the others, favoring the lighter feeling in the second week version….taking the brown out of the trees really added an evocative sense of winter. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this image next week!

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