One Four Challenge December; Pt3 Fallen Leaves Photomatix

The One Four Challenge is a weekly challenge where you edit the same image differently each week for one month.
Last week I processed the shot from Zdrowie Park with HDr Efex. This week I have processed the three exposures with Photomatix.
Winter Park3
As with HDR Efex I merged the pictures together, but with Photomatix I chose Exposure Fusion over tone mapping. This is more due to personal taste, I find tone mapping in Photomatix a little over kill creating for me a more fake feeling picture. While in Photomatix I tried as best as I could top reveal the details in the trees that people liked in last weeks picture as well as add some colour and not have too much contrast.

In Lightroom I increased the saturation in the greens ,oranges and yellows. I desaturated the blues to bring the attention away from the sky and used a gradient adjustment to reveal some more shadow detail there. I sharpened and clond out the bins, which some people recognised as people last week.


Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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15 thoughts on “One Four Challenge December; Pt3 Fallen Leaves Photomatix

  1. I like the composition of the image…it invites me into the park. My experience with HDR told me it needs a discriminating eye and creative touch which you have. So far I like the 2nd week…it seems to have moved towards the quality of a drawing…nice

    • HDR is a delicate beast where it is easy to go all out and flip everything to max. I agree with you and I try to have a delicate touch. Second week image has a lot of midtone contrast giving it that feeling of a drawing as all the details are heightened,

  2. Found you! 😀
    I definitely agree – the colours and clarity really make the image shine this week. I like the darker tones you’ve brought in on the branches.
    This particular image is one, that really shows the differences that can be made within one image.

  3. Been thinking… would love to see a sort of blending together of week 1 and 3 😉
    Of course, this may not be the direction you are going at all with week 4.
    Looking forward to seeing your next version Ben.

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