Looking back at 2014; January – June

This year has been the most successful year so far in the blog as well as in my photography. I feel that at the end of 2013 I was losing interest in blogging after one year and I didn’t have a clear direction with my photography. After picking myself off the floor and a few false starts I found a way forward. One of the main areas of motivation was joining in with a twitter chat called #Blogphotochat, I found a great many ideas for posts there which really kept me going.

For this review post I have taken two posts from each month that have been popular or I think are interesting posts.


In January while reading a blog called Stop Stealing Photos. I laughingly joked “No one would want to steal my pictures!” and did reverse image searches on some of my shots to find that in fact they had been stolen. I wrote a Post called “being infringed” where I detailed the story and the steps I took next.

Lodz Atget Inspired
January was also a time to get out and explore, not wallow that there were no interesting pictures but going out to find interesting pictures and that is exactly how the Atget Feeling was captured.


Litchi Unpeeled

February in 2014 was an icy and cold month and most of it was spent indoors. With my camera and a lot of DIY photography I still managed to get some good shots. One was of a Peeled Litchi that I took on my desk using a white plate and white paper for a background.

My Mirrored Portraits

My Mirrored Portraits

Also in February I looked deep into who I was with a post called Symmetrical Me. Taking a portrait and then mirroring one half to create new versions of this portrait be came an experiment to see which picture people thought was actually me.


With the thawing of winter and the beckoning of spring and I was still looking at improving my images not just in camera but with photoshop as well. One of the ways I saw of improving my photos, especially those taken with a mobile, was to use stacking and super resolution which, I wrote about as part of a series of posts.

Remastered HDR Photoshop HDR Pro and Lightroom

Remastered HDR Photoshop HDR Pro and Lightroom

I was also interested in understanding why I was taking certain pictures and made a few posts called the 5 reasons I took this shot.


April brought spring and the beauty of flowers and insects. Capturing the Macro world was a basic beginners post looking at the different ways you can begin taking macro photographs.

When taking pictures I always try multiple angles with different compositional Ideas, different ways of seeing a tulip was exactly this.


ISO100 67mm f/16 1/250

ISO100 67mm f/16 1/250

May was a month of experimentation with two post really highlighting this. First was Strawberry and cream splash, where I replicated those really nice pictures of fruit falling into cream.

ISO100 50mm f/16 1/250sec Edited in Lightroom

ISO100 50mm f/16 1/250sec Edited in Lightroom

The second experiment was with spraying dandelions with water, then using a macro lens to get close and explore the surface close up, Water Droplet Experiment .


June is a very busy month at school and I was panicking if everything would go out of the window mid year. In truth I tried not to panic and just kept going. One of the biggest pieces I wrote for the whole year was about the famous tankman picture taken 25 years ago the day after the Tiananmen square massacre. I say biggest because there was a lot of research to find the different stories from the photographers that took the picture of this event.

ISO800 50mm F/16 1/125

ISO800 50mm F/16 1/125

Although in the latter half of the year I was running tight to meet the deadline for monochrome madness In june I submitted the shot “I can see you” one of my favourites of the year.

Side note- by june I had taken the plunged and caved to using adobe creative cloud.

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11 thoughts on “Looking back at 2014; January – June

  1. I always feel that you do a very nice job explaining yourself, either your process or thoughts on something. These images are beautiful, great end of the year post. Looking forward to reading the next six months! Also, happy to hear you are inspired to keep blogging. I really appreciate your work.

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