Looking back at 2014; July-December

Continuing a look back at 2014; the second half of the year was very photographic with alot of time spent in the parks trying to capture the close up beauty of summer and then going wide to focus on the full colour of autumn, before turning to winter. As with the first half the the year I continued to push myself and even completed an image that I had been working on for 2 years.



It was actually in June that I joined the After and Before forum and in July felt like a regular part of the band of misfits that love to show how they get the wow in their pictures. In July I contributed a post showing how I created floating pomegranate.

Monochrome Madness Contrast and Symmtry

I tried to continue taking part in Monochrome madness and shared with the community on Leanne’s blog Contrast and Symmetry.


palm house butterfly

In August you can’t help to miss all the posts about the new cameras being released. With the flashing lights and tales about how a camera is going to revolutionise your photography, I got a reality check while photographing with a friends son. I need a better camera was a post where I showed that knowing your camera is more worthwhile than looking to buy the next big thing. For further proof the above picture was captured on my Galaxy S3.

ISO 250 50mm + 65mm Extension Tubes F/11 1/250

ISO 250 50mm + 65mm Extension Tubes F/11 1/250

While the sun was shining I headed to the botanical Gardens as often as I could. On one occasion I found a mystery Ladybird that I had never seen the likes of before. With some detective work I found the answer.


September was a month that made me nervous about keeping the blogging up. For me September is a month when I return to work after a two month summer break. Thankfully I kept going by planning what type of content I put up on different days. Having been a member of the After and Before Forum for several months now friday was dedicated to photo editing. On of the images submitted to the forum was of the Astronomical Clock in Prague, this image needed a lot of editing.

ISO 400 26mm f/20

ISO 400 26mm f/20

Although I was now back at work I had a huge number of pictures to share from my holiday in Poland’s western mountains.



If I had been shooting raw I would have been able to open up the shadows adding some more detail and help improve the contrast.


In October I started to look at images I had taken when I first went digital and saw some glaring mistakes that I had made. To help those who had or were just picking up a camera, I wrote the top 5 mistakes I had made with digital photography.

Park Life

I also shared in the After and Before Forum how to create a Black and White image through splitting the colour channels. This allows you to play around with the tones a lot more than a straight conversion would.


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Although technically it was in October, I shared the first round up post in November, I started what is now a 365 project that I am completing in 30 day blocks. To add my own twist to the project I am using Lego figures as the subject combined with a daily prompt as a theme for the image. There are a few rules I have self imposed, a big one being they must react with the real world (meaning no lego cars, houses ect).

Week Three

Week Three

November was also a month when I started taking part in another challenge set by Robyn caled the One Four Challenge. Simply you take one image and edit it four different ways posting one version a week. For November I chose a picture I took on All Saints Day of a candle on a grave.


December has been a slower month mainly due to the busyness that is christmas. One of the early post I wrote was an explanation of why I believe Facebook is not stealing your pictures.

Ab Forum wk 29 Beenjamin Rowe After

December was also the month I finished an image that I had been trying and failing to edit for two years. A 360 degree panorama converted to a miniplanet.

2014 has been a great year and I have met a lot of people while my blog has been expanding. In 2015 I don’t want to make any changes, keep this a space for sharing photogrpahy, ideas and how to create photos as well as for me to discuss things that I feel are important in photography. Although there are a lot of things I want to do I will continue to take on step at a time.

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  1. What a great post. I can’t believe how many of your images were new to me. I have to get out more, get away from my own post and visit other bloggers more!

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