5 Things I Want To Do In 2015

2014 is over and 2015 has raised its weary head after some strong chemicals given to help ease it’s birth. It seems to be a normal to talk about resolutions as you stumble to the kitchen to find a cure for a hangover (in Poland it is recommended to drink the juice form a pickle cucumber jar, I don’t know if it works I had the guts to try it).

I am not one for resolutions but I am one for saying things that I would like to do;

  1. Keep up Regular posts
  2. Buy 100mm Macro Lens
  3. Buy external wireless flashes
  4. Use 500px more
  5. Start a regular Podcast



To the illustration, created in Photoshop using custom brushes and defined brushes.

I hope everyone had a great new year and can’t wait to see what others on WordPress are going to be doing this year.

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3 thoughts on “5 Things I Want To Do In 2015

  1. Good luck to your 2015 resolutions. In order to get myself to post more regularly I did a 365 project at one point. I made it almost 500 days before I finally decided a couple times a week was sufficient. However, the need to come up with some interesting every day forced me to take and process lots of photos so I learned alot and completely fell in love with the hobby. Cheers to a better 2015!

    • With the blog I aim to do 5 posts a week and I have created a publishing plan to meet this. On instagram I am taking part in monthly photoaday challenges to try and complete a 365 photoaday but it takes the pressure off by calling 12 monthly challenges.
      I hope you have a great 2015 as well.

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