Confession and Questions

My confession is that this is not a new image. I took it a few months ago and found it again today while cataloging my pictures into groups ready for; back up, sorting for new portfolio and getting ready for a fresh crop of pictures for 2015. I had already converted the image to a 32bit HDR and the colours were all over the place, a lot of purples and green casts. That makes should have been expected with both cold and warm light clashing.

ISO 250 35mm f/16 7 exposure 32 bit HDR toned in Lightroom

ISO 250 35mm f/16 7 exposure 32 bit HDR toned in Lightroom


I edited the image mostly with the elliptical and local adjustment tools with the black and white toning added with a kodak 3200 ISO preset I have. I chose a very high speed film to emulate to have that punchy contrast but without the harsh grain.

Now to my question. I have been thinking about writing a series of posts about digital photo editing, mainly aimed at the beginner or those wanting a better understanding of either Photoshop/ Lightroom. My question is, would that interest you dear reader and if so would you prefer the posts to start with Lightroom or Photoshop? If there is no interest I will hold back writing them.

Also tomorrow (Saturday 3rd January) is #1day12pics on Instagram and Twitter where I and several other photobloggers take one photo roughly every hour. If you wish to join in just take a photo and share via instagram or twitter using the tag #1day12pics.

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20 thoughts on “Confession and Questions

  1. I like your tutorials idea. I only have Photoshop Elements so Photoshop would be my preference as I may be able to learn from some of your lessons. 🙂

  2. I am not a beginner, but I certainly have a lot to learn and have done that already from reading your posts. The technical side of photography has always been a challenge…and a goal for me. So, I would love reading them.

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