One Four Challenge; Wild Flower Pt1

Welcome to the first Monday of January and the first week of the One Four Challenge. The One Four Challenge is where you take one photo and edit it four different ways posting one version every week for four weeks.

This picture was taken behind my block in the grass area that separates us from the next block. If you are looking to get strange looks there is no better way.

Wild Flower Macro

ISO800 50mm + 50mm extension f/16 1/25

For the first edit I kept it kind of simple, I used the shake reduction filter in Photoshop as part of the capture sharpening process I then used a kodachrome 25 preset for colour toning and finished off with a little contrast. There were a lot of dust bunnies in the picture that needed to be removed as well.

I have some ideas for the next few weeks, although I like the composition will have to try a tighter crop.
I would love to know what you think. Let me know in the comment box below.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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33 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Wild Flower Pt1

  1. “If you are looking to get strange looks there is no better way.” Been there, done that. I use the K25 and K100 presets a lot but haven’t really taken to the K64. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 3 versions produce.

  2. Great image and nice colour tones. It’s so sharp I’m sure you could crop it really quite tight. Looking forward to seeing what the grey cells come up with for next week.

    • This is a very late reply katie, in reviewing comments some I made on my phone didn’t get posted. The next week I have done something very different. I do want to crop tighter, at the same time I want to keep the image quality.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Hiya Ben 🙂 Happy New Year!
    Had to laugh at the ‘picture’ of you down low with people watching – Yep, I can totally relate 😉
    Makes them wonder what we are up to 😛
    Love the subject and colours in this image – your first edit makes this a very cheery piece. I like that.
    Looking forward to the next 3 as well.

    • Hi Robyn, the mice have been at the wordpress wires and lots of comments made on my phone have got lost, I am sorry that this is a late reply.
      My wife is usually quite embarrassed when I am lying on the floor they to capture pictures of flowers or bugs, this is part of photography but I also find it a great conversation starter when people as what you are doing on the floor.
      I have done something interesting for week 2 and after rescuing comments from my spam folder I have an idea for week 3 now.

      • No problems at all Ben – in fact its happening at my end too!
        I’ve been watching comments I type in… disappear. Very helpful!

        Yes I understand.. my DH thinks it very funny when Im on the ground and he is a photographer (hobby), but he shoots landscapes, not macro 😃
        It is a fabulous coversation starter OR they just think we’re nuts 😜
        Looking forward to your next 2 editions.

    • Hi Joanne sorry for a late reply but for some reason your comment ended up in my spam folder. I am glad you like the picture, the background could be blurred some more and would need to try this in the coming weeks.

  4. I second most all of the comments! My first entry ever for this challenge was taken while someone drove by, oh and it’s not my light post so I can only wonder what people were thinking of this girl and her dog taking pictures in the dark. Ah but it’s fun. 😉

    I like how vibrant the green is, it draws a lot of attention to itself at the same time it provides an excellent contrast to the bright white of the petals. Then the stamen add great pops of color, very unique in terms of the rest of the image. But I also appreciate how sharp the “hairs” are on the sepals.

    And you make me miss spring…and summer…and just warmer times… 😉 Good job.

  5. Stunning picture. Love all the colors and details. Maybe a crop on the stamen and the leaves as they have so much detail. That is if a closer crop doesn’t loose all the impact…

    • I think I will crop in slowly over the weeks to get the right balance between composition and impact. The colours do feel nice and I don’t really know how I can change the image apart from cropping.
      Thanks for popping by and commenting.

  6. Really lovely photo this week. The colours and composition are perfect and it is interesting to look at. If I was forced into finding something that could be altered in this photo, I might say that the back petals seem a little too white, and I wondered what might happen if you tried a little more definition or shading at the base or below the tip where the petal folds back? This comes more from an art perspective, not a photographic one. I can’t wait to see how you process this next week.

    • Hi, I have been looking at the back petals and I think there may be differences in our monitor calibration, for me they are shaded at the fold and bright tipped but those at the front are whiter. Saying that I would work more on the petals adding some shading to give them more definition and focus.

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