Antique Fireplace

While my parents were visiting at Christmas we visited Poznanski’s Palace. No royalty ever lived here, the palace was built as a status symbol by one of the industrialists that lived in the city, Izreal Poznanski. While walking around my mum fell in love with the peacock on top of the fireplace. With her smartphone and using the voice commands we managed to get an ok shot of the stained glass design. My mum also asked me to take a picture “because your camera is better.”. I went for a wider shot to have the whole fireplace in the frame.

Poznanski's Palace Fireplace

32bit HDR Processed in Lightroom ISO1250 24mm f4.0 1/25 sec

I had to use a 32bit HDR to get all the tones in the scene, as a single capture just didn’t have the dynamic range. One of the major headaches with this picture was the mixed lighting; soft daylight coming through netted curtains and tungsten light coming from several wall lamps and chandelier, also with the peacock stained glass being lit from behind .
To get the deep tones of the polished wood and help correct the light balance issues I  used cross processing colour profile and played around with the light balance to get the right tones. From there I made a few global adjustments to have overall tone I wanted and then local adjustments to bring out details.

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18 thoughts on “Antique Fireplace

    • Thanks Laura, the peacock is great.With a camera it was quite hard to get a shot close up because of the lighting and although we got a shot on the smartphone it really didn’t do it credit. Will have to go back and visit it again.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  1. Very nice and low noise even at ISO 1250. I just bought my first ‘full frame’ camera and I’m pumped to see the low light capabilities. We are planning to go to Africa for safari in October and I know I’ll need the low light to track some animals at dusk so I figured the investment was needed early in the year so I could learn to navigate all the controls.

    • With my camera I can go to 6400 ISO and still get good pictures above this they start to become a bit less usable.
      I reduced the noise twice in processing, once before creating the 32 bit file and a second time when editing the 32 bit file. it works quite well and gives me hope for higher ISO HDR images.

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