One Four Challenge; Wild Flower Square Crop

This is the third week of the One Four Challenge for January, taking one picture for the month and editing it four different ways. Last week I created an interesting image with a solarisation effect using LR/Enfuse.

This week, after a few comments over the past two weeks, I have decided to crop in a bit tighter.
I was a little apprehensive about cropping too tight, because as you crop you are reducing the number of pixels and if you crop too close you can end up reducing the overall quality.

Wild Flower Macro-Edit3

I took the image into photoshop and rotated the flower so it was level and then using the guides created a frame for the crop. When I rotated the picture there were some gaps between the picture and the sides of the canvas. I used the magic wand selection tool to select this blank areas and used Content Aware Fill  to fill in these areas.
Once filled I duplicated the layer and turned it into a smart object, I then used field blur to blur the image as if it was shot out of focus. Switching to the non blurred layer I used, Selection – Focus Area, to only get the in focus areas selected and then applied this selection as a mask to the blurred layer. This gave the effect of a much shallower depth of field as only the very sharp areas were not in focus.

With the base image now complete I went to NikSoft Color Efex and played around with some filters to have a different colour tone to that of week one.
The image took about an hour to create, it took abit of time get the focus selection just right and play around with it.

Let me know what you think of the picture and how it compares to the others in the comment box below.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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23 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Wild Flower Square Crop

    • Hi Andrew, Looking at the picture now I can see there is a bit strong, I would possibly reduce the strength of the blur. This is not something I would usually do and as you have said as part of the project I do like the process.

  1. Excellent. The square crop is far and away the most compelling version of the image. I like the soft colors, and the blur effect is perfect. Lovely image.

    • Hi Joanne, I have always felt that the square crop is kind of a cliche with flowers, a cliche that works. I am glad you like the picture especially the colours as I can’t remember how I got them, a once in a lifetime toning, unless I open the smart object.

  2. This is great I really like it. The similarity, for me, that I’m seeing in the three photos so far is that they’re states of being. Week three has that dream-like effect. It reminds me of montages you see in movies where the person dreams or has a flashback that’s super bright and sort of blurry? Yes that’s where it took me immediately. The glow of the white is angel-like and the shape and texture of the closest petals sort of guides me into the center of the flower and brings the focus to the pinks and purples, the most special colors in the photo. It’s fairy tale like. And yes perhaps magical too.

    Props on only taking an hour! 🙂

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