Winter Macros

Last week I bought my a macro lens. Being like a little kid on christmas day I wanted to run out and take as many macro photographs as possible. In Poland at the moment it is winter and there are not many classic macro subjects available. I decided not to pack the lens away to spring and headed out to see what I could find.

Twisty Vine

ISO400 90mm f/8.0 1/100 Edited in Lightroom

Twisty vine was a fantastic subject, I angled myself to have a clean background without the distraction of other vines. Possibly I will edit this shot again as I think black and white may serve it better.

Left Over Leaves

ISO400 90mm f/11 1/100


Some leaves still refuse to fall to the ground even in winter. This was an interesting shot as I wanted to keep the background uncluttered yet there was a building in one direction and a road in the other. I decided to frame up the building and then focus on the leaves, which I feel has given the shot a bit more of a cinematic feel. This shot isn’t a one to one macro, it is more of a close up shot. Comparing this to the previous vine picture you can compare how much the depth of field changes the more you pull back.

White Winter Fruit

ISO800 90mm f/8.0 1/125

I was sitting around f/8 most of the day as the light was really defuse with the sky clouding over and the fog starting to roll in. I bumped up the ISO for this shot and was in full macro mode. I love the details of the texture on the fruit with the rich orange brown colour pallet in the background.

Lichen on moss

ISO800 90mm f/8.0 1/30

I saw some Lichen on the tree and wanted to see what I could make with it. I lined up the two bits of lichen so they seemed to make a single shape and then focused on the nearest one. Although not the most interesting picture, I like how my eyes bounce backwards and forwards between focused and out of focused areas as I try to match the two pieces of lichen together. A slightly longer exposure than I should have used, but I rested the camera against the tree for stability.

Discarded shell

ISO 800 90mm f/8.0 1/40


I found this nut shell on the Ground and put it in my pocket waiting to find a use for it later. While sitting down and taking in  the park and trying to see other interesting subjects. I placed the shell on the bench and took some shots. I had the camera resting on the bench like a tripod so could take some liberties with the shutter speed.

This really does show whenever you think, “there is nothing around here to photograph.”. Get up, go for a walk and open your eyes because sometimes it is the mundane things that make the interesting photograph.

I hope you like the pictures, let me know in the comment box below what you think of them.

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19 thoughts on “Winter Macros

  1. Congratulations on your newly acquired macro lens. During the winter I tend to leave my macro lens at home, but your wonderful shots may encourage me to dust it off and see what I can see. My favorites are the first and last images, as much for compositional reasons as for their “macro” qualities.

    • Hi Mike, I was feeling the same, but actually there is a whole other world in winter, slightly bare but well worth a look through the macro lens.
      Your right the first and last pictures do have strong compositions, although the leaves are my third choice.

  2. I think the macro lens is great to use any time of the year. I plan on hopefully getting out next month to a waterfall and use both my wide angle and macro lens to photograph it. I’ve been wanting to get some winter waterfall photos but haven’t had the time to do so yet.

    • Hi Justin, I could imagine a wider macro and waterfalls being a really interesting combo esp with the shallow depth of field and sharpness. I am going to head to the woods on the edge of my city this weekend to see what i can find there.

    • Hi, The lens is very nice, it s a Tamron 90mm 2.8, half the price (for me) compared to the Canon version.
      Those two shots seem to be everyones fav will need to remember that next time I go out.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Ahh macro images make me so happy. I love seeing what details come forward! Beautiful images, looks like you are having fun. Congratulations on the new lens and point of view!

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