December Photo A Day; Looks Like This Will Be A 365

I know this is a late round up since December finished over twenty days ago, but I have just got round to compiling the photos. If you haven’t noticed on my Facebook, Instagram . I have been taking part in monthly photo a day challenge. This is less intense than a 365 challenge because it sounds more manageable. In saying that, this is most definitely becoming a daily monthly photo a day challenge in my head, or simply could be called a 365 challenge.
I decided when I began that the subject would always be Lego figures because it would make me more creative to complete the daily prompts. I have been using prompts supplied by an Australian blogger FatMumSlim. I don’t read her blog but she has a cool photo a day challenge. I also don’t want to write the daily themes myself, as I know I would cheat a bit and I want this to be a challenge.

Here is the round up of the 31 days of December.

All pictures taken with a Canon G10, External flash and edited solely in Lightroom.

I would love to know what you think of them, be it positive or negative. You can let me know in the comment box below.

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14 thoughts on “December Photo A Day; Looks Like This Will Be A 365

  1. I love these and think your macro work is fab. My kids, however, are going to love them even more as they take photos of their lego minifigures all the time and they even take photos of them to compile into stop-go animation movies. I am going to show them your blog post to further inspire them.

    • Hi Laura, that is really cool that your kids are taking pictures of their lego and stop motion animation is really hard so I am doubly impressed. I hope my pictures will inspire them.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Closed Door, Free, Fruit – only a few of my favorites 🙂 actually there isnt one here that didnt make me either smile or stop and say “wow”! And I really got a laugh out of your cleverly-twisted interpretations of themes. So well done, Ben. Your creativity continues to astound!

  3. I really enjoyed this collection of photos, very clever. I also like your approach to the 365 challenge. I started one myself last November, and found the random daily photos that I was posting to be less than satisfying. I changed to a 52 week format, with a common theme per week, which is working better for me. I am now thinking of using the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme to guide my Project 365/52, with a technique or process (like using a new lens, or editing in B&W, or focusing on architecture, etc, etc)… it’s a work in progress!

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