One Four Challenge; Wild Flower Paint Sharp

The final week of January is the fourth week of January’s One Four Challenge. Each week this month I have been editing one picture in different ways. Last week I created a shallow focus using a mixture of focus mask and field blur.

Wild Flower Macro-Edit4

With this picture I edited in Photoshop again; I went back to last weeks image and removed all the editing and rebuilt the square format. I used Niksoft Viveza 2 to brighten and boost the saturation and then used the Camera Raw filter to split tone the picture adding red pink in the shadows and yellow in the highlights. I went back to lightroom to sharpen and apply Noise reduction.

Now over to you, which is your favourite image from the challenge and why? Let me know in the comment box below.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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31 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Wild Flower Paint Sharp

  1. I like all the edits but the fourth image is my favourite. You got such a crisp shot in camera that it is great to be able to showcase the detail of the flower. I like the square format as it centralises that stamen.

  2. What a beautiful subject. I don’t know why, but I think this is the first time I have seen this image? Strange. Anyway, I think week 4 is my favorite edit. I love the colors in the background from week 1 but I like the close crop of week 4.Great details, what a lovely flower.

    • Hi Carrie, another person who missed my posts through the month. I am calling shenanigans on behalf of wordpress 😉
      I can understand why you like week four the colours are in my opinion more balanced for the composition and the crop helps to give the classic macro flower feel. Glad you like and finally got to see the pictures.

    • Thank You Lore, there have been a few weeks when I have missed some posts from others I am not sure if I am at fault for not seeing them in the feed or it is wordpress that doesn’t add them.I know from the blogging 101 you have to keep tags and categories under 15 to show up otherwise it is seen as spam and not put into the feeds.
      Glad you finally got to see my pictures for this month, 2 is a little bit out there and I can understand why people like 3 it is a very soft image.

  3. All are so beautiful, I don’t know how to compare them. For editings, #2 is like a beautiful drawing, #3 is dreamy; I also like the details of #4 and the background. Thank you, Ben! 🙂

  4. I really like the sharp detail of week 4, especially the fine hairs on the leaves. But I really prefer the more saturated colours of week three. I’d be very curious to see what would happen if you combined them by overlaying one over the other….

    • Hi, wouldn’t need to layer them really to mix the colours from week three with week four. I could just copy the color efex adjustments from one smart filter to the other as the blurring in week three was created using field bur combined with a focus mask that I merged to a smart object.

  5. Gosh, I am really torn. I can’t decide between the edits. Week 4 is very appealing to the eye, but I think I will go for Week 2, as it is so different. Many flowers are shown in colour, so it is not so often you can get a stunning floral photo in solarized/monochrome. The calyx on the flower seems almost three – dimensional. I think Week 4 would look great cropped square like Week 4 and placed in a series on the wall (poster size).

    • I think you are right that week two could work well with a similar crop to week four. I like the idea of cropping them all and making a series out of them, that might be quite fun.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • I hear you about the cliched square crop; I don’t really use much of the 1:1 ratio either. I would like the original more (in its rectangular form 🙂 ) if it was cropped a little more to hide some of that bottom-right.

  6. Ben. My apologies for only just finding this post. Missed it completely until now. This one is my fave for January. The heightened saturation and symmetry are wonderful. 😃

  7. Nice final week. 🙂 The almost fall or sunset like hue of this one is appealing to me, probably because it relates to the beautiful pinks and purples. However it almost has a seemingly unintentional blur around the petals in the center. But overall great detail and I do love the colors. My vote is for this week as well though I do love the dreamy look of the third week.

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