Five days of Black and White; Day Two Padlock

Close up Padlock

The second day of my five day Black and white challenge after being nominated by Lisa Kimmorley. This picture although simply of  a padlock. In black and white the texture and the contrast (between black and white) speaks more of the age and weathering of the padlock. Everything together leading to the question; What has to be locked away for so long.

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7 thoughts on “Five days of Black and White; Day Two Padlock

  1. I love this photo: the contrast, the grain, the sharpness of the rust on the chain. You’re a much better photographer than I and have processing software and skills that I don’t. But…I find the light square on the bottom left of this photo very distracting. If it were darkened to match the grey on the lower right, (or a bit more) I think it would be even better.

  2. All opinions are welcome, I could reduce the highlights in the bottom right but in doing so losses the white point and zone 10 of the image reducing the power of the contrast as the other light tones are more grey. To check I would have to experiment.

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