One Four Challenge; Yellow Flower X-Ray

For the second week of the one for Challenge organised by Robyn from Captivate Me. I was flicking through Flickr looking for inspiration on editing the picture. I really am not a fan of cropping this in the square format like a lot of those pictures. I did see one that had an X-ray styled effect, and thought I will give it ago.

Yellow Flower x ray


It was quite easy to create the effect in Photoshop. I used Select – Colour Range and the quick selection tool to select the flower and used a mask to separate it from the picture. I added a white layer underneath and merged the layers down. I then inverted the image and adjusted the hue of the image with Hue and Saturation to make sure I had the right colour tone. I added a defuse glow from the distort filter and then added some contrast.

A very different image to last week. Let me know in the comments what you think about this transformation.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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34 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Yellow Flower X-Ray

    • I feel that a square crop although would fit the image, will lessen the impact of the subject flower. With the current crop there is a lot of negative space that gives the subject room to breathe and the power to force the viewers attention. I also feel that square crops are cliche and with the square it is just another square crop flower, by not cropping it and bucking the trend makes people stop and look.
      It is something I have been going backward and forward over.

      • It is interesting to see different people’s approaches. For me if working in a traditional ratio I would tend to put this subject off centre, but I think it works well centred within a square frame. My tuppence worth, good to get different views. MM 🍀

    • Thank you Andrew, I can wholeheartedly understand not tampering with nature in shots but there is something about this process that keeps it feeling natural yet unnatural at the same time.
      Thanks for commenting Andrew, appreciated as always.

  1. I like the rectangular aspect because it appears more like a print you would get from film. Also, with the darkness on either side, the flower stands out. Without this contrast, I doubt it would be as interesting. Very nice image.

  2. I like your processing on this one. I, too, try to steer clear of square cropping, though I have used it occasionally in the past.

  3. I like the overall effect against the black bg. It looks to me as if it is dropping through space – makes me feel slightly sad and nostalgic for some reason – just me but the point is, it makes me feel something. Great image.

    • Hi Nic, I could possible invert the center so there is a slight different tone. Adding a second colour would need to be yellow to make it work with the blue and I am not sure that would be as striking.
      Thanks for your ideas and thoughts.

  4. I like this for what it is though I prefer week one still. This is cool as it gives the effect of say being able to see in the UV spectrum. For this one I could see the crop more but I don’t feel at all that it’s needed. Great color though & contrast with the black background, gives it a modely-artsy feel.

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