Five Days of Black and White; Zdrowie Park Winter

Zdrowie Park Lodz Winter

Zdrowie Park is one of my favorite parks in the city to photograph. I have shared a few photos of this view through the seasons.Now in winter Black and White seemed the way to go. I really like the toning I applied soft and contrasted at the same time.

This is the last post in the challenge, as I said in the first, I will make my nominations for those to also post a black and white picture each day for five days. I will add that there is not obligation for you to take part, if I have nominated you it is because I would be interested in seeing your pictures.

Karen Migliaccio

Loré Dombaj

Bunty McCabe

Susan Judd

Julie from Frog Pond Farm

Once again this is just for fun, if you can’t or don’t want to take part I understand.

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23 thoughts on “Five Days of Black and White; Zdrowie Park Winter

  1. Thanks for the nomination! Do I have to go out and take five pictures in five days(?) because I’m up to my ears in theatre productions this week. I’d be happy to show a few from my past that haven’t been on my blog yet! And do I have to start today or can I get organized for a couple of days?

  2. Oh Ben I’m flattered and so surprised that you have nominated me. I’m such a newbie at b&w and don’t feel very confident with it just yet. I hope you won’t mind if I decline for now. But again, thank you so very much. And thank you too for your super tutorials, you are teaching me so much . Your photography Ben, is just so very inspiring … One day I will pop up in monochrome madness 🙂 I’m sure to surprise Leanne when I do!

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