Happy Fat Thursday

Tłusty czwartek (or Fat Thursday for those who are not Polish) is the Polish name for a Christian feast on the last Thursday before Lent and linked to the celebration of Carnival. On this day people eat fatty foods like doughnuts, called pączki, filled with rose marmalade (although I like the apple versions). Fat Thursday is similar to Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), but is not to be confused with Mardi Gras.


Usually in school the children bring Doughnuts to give to friends and their teachers and I am stuffed by the end of the day and feel a little sick. This year I am lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, as we are in the middle of our winter break and I school is closed; no doughnuts for Ben 😦

18 thoughts on “Happy Fat Thursday

  1. We have the same thing here, I love those. Really hard to resist, but I am being extremely good this year. What light do you use? I need to set something up at home, but have no idea where to start. Probably with a flashlight and some duck tape. 😛

  2. Wow that really sounds and looks amazing! I have never heard of that day, therefor i dont think that much people over here celebrate it.. unfortunately if i may say! Im hungry now haha

  3. Great photos of one of my favourite foods from Poland. There are a lot of close imitations elsewhere, but nothing compares to pączki. Thanks for the reminiscence.

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