Abstract; Going with & Against the Grain.

When I go out with my camera there are not always interesting scenes to capture.  To get my photographic juices going I usually do a few things; use a fixed focal length, only take macro shots, use one aperture or shutter speed and create abstract scenes.  While walking around the woods I was feeling uninspired and decided I would create some abstract views of the woods with movement, the results were interesting.

Going With The Grain

abstract woods 1

Moving the camera up and down with a long exposure, creates a nice smooth image. The image is pleasing because the movement is in the same direction as the objects in the scene and our eyes don’t have to move around too much to look at the picture as a whole.

Going Against The Grain

abstract woods 3

Here the movement is from right to left while the objects are lined vertically creating a more drama in the scene. The image feels more intense as our eyes can not move smoothly across the image as we have to stop regularly when a vertical line breaks the horizontal movement.

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

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31 thoughts on “Abstract; Going with & Against the Grain.

  1. Both are rather striking, but in completely opposite ways. The latter reminds me of a road trip, the former of a painting.

  2. I am sure you have done this, but there is a blogger I love to follow “Draw and Shoot”, who takes images like this and layers them together along with many other layers from the same place. Some are abstract like this, others have only a slight blur and then there are a couple of the layers that are the actual scene. The results are really stunning. As a stand alone image I like the first one more, as a background layer I see the second having lots of potential. I appreciate images like these, they are lovely to look at for a while, different details pop out.

  3. I love this sort of thing, you get some interesting results! For my tuppence worth, I love that first image, lovely lines, great colour…the next one is just too chaotic.

  4. These are great Ben and it is fun to try different things. Thanks for the reminder (ive forgotten) and the inspiration 😃😃 I love that first one, with its beautiful colour and ease of viewing.. But there’s something about the second that I find curious – makes me want to know more!!

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