Conifer & Playing with Compostion

How do you take a good picture? A question than seems simple yet hard to answer. My simple response would be, take the subject from multiple angles. This is the  good advice I was once given; start wide, move in close, move around the subject and look for different angles. If you have the time you can spend an hour on a subject and get some really interesting results.

I had an hour to spare between classes and headed to the park just to see what I could photograph. I saw an open conifer on the floor, I picked it up and started placing it here and there. I took pictures with different compositions moving around the conifer and then moved on to the next location and repeated.

Heading to the digital darkroom I tried to approach my editing in the same way, I was really surprised by some of the ideas I had.

Let me know in the comments what you think, which one is your favorite image or just say hi.

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38 thoughts on “Conifer & Playing with Compostion

  1. Great photos, and I plan to use this approach more. I hope to visit a botanical garden next week, so will have the time to try this out. I really like the pine cone on the grass with the blades in front, as it looks natural and has a neat perspective.

    • Hi Karen, for this shot I threw the conifer in the air and photographed it where i lay. A simple approach but it works so well to get that natural look. Hope you have some good shits from the botanical gardens. Also thanks for taking the time to comment, really appreciated.

    • Earl Of Bethel, that is a nice shot, I actually warmed the whole image to get the tones in the cone and then cooled the highlights to soften the blurred background. Due to the toning I think I have made the tree something line stone but the green moss was there.
      As always your comments are very appreciated.

  2. I like the one in the bottom corner best. The blue-ish sky in the background brings out both the cone and the limb and reminds me of Christmas.

  3. When you scroll through the gallery, there is no #4??? I like #1 because of the composition, the angles and the sharpness and #7 because it looks anthropomorphic – like your Lego shots.

    • Yeah #4 was pulled at the last minute because it was too similar to another picture, I wanted them all to have a different look and feel. I am really happy you think my lego shots are anthropomorphic, that is a really nice compliment and means a lot to me.

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