From the Cutting Room Floor; Squirrel

When I have an idea for a photo, like I did for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I will take loads of photos with different compositions and angles. When photographing animals I take even more, because I want the picture sharp and animals like to move(quickly sometimes). I usually shoot in bursts which leaves you with a lot of pictures to choose from and some pictures that are not so great.
With my squirrel pictures I really had a good crop of shots. I thought it sad to leave them on my harddrive and decided to create the gallery below.

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite squirrel picture.

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49 thoughts on “From the Cutting Room Floor; Squirrel

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  1. Fun gallery. I can’t choose a fav, but I must comment that I love the straight-up ears on these squirrels! And you really caught some great expressions, too.

    • Thank You Karen. I know it can be hard to choose one, I had a problem yesterday doing it as well. There ears are nice and tufty and this is part of their winter coat that they loose when thy shed it in the spring/summer. Usually their ears are not so big.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Hi Mary the big ears are part of the winter coat which they shed. In the summer their ears will look much smaller.
      They were having a lot of fun in the trees and running around. I can’t wait till I go back and photograph some more.

      • So funny looking, cute sort of! We have a family of 4 or 5, I loose track that every morning rain or shine they run across the roof top around 6:45am and then onto the trees and racing and chasing each other all over the yard.

  2. I like the first and second best, squirrels are so fun to watch but even more fun when they’re interacting. They’re all nice pics though. I love their ears!! Our squirrels do not look like that, very similar in color – some of them obviously – but not the ear tufts.

    I hear you on having so many pics and not wanting to let them sit all by themselves. Good choice to share them. 🙂

    • The tufts on the ears they will lose with the winter coat, in the summer their ears look a bit smaller.
      It can be hard sometimes to chose so few images to post. I prefer posting individual images because I believe in sharing your strongest work, yet when you have so many that are strong it can be a difficult balance.
      I’m glad you like the gallery and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Squirrels are so adorable and I love the tufted ears of the red ones. I miss red squirrels. My favourite is the last image with the squirrel looking up at the camera but I also really like the one of the squirrel sitting nibbling in the V of the tree.

  4. Amazing coincidence. Someone said to me today they were going to Brownsea Island tomorrow to see Red Squirrels and now Mrs. Ha wants to see them. Maybe we should visit Poland!

    • Life is full of these little coincidences. Yep Poland has red squirrels and I have never seen an American grey here at all. In my city there are three locations where they don’t ming humans too much, possibly because people feed them and them and there is a lot of space for them.
      You and Mrs Ha should visit Poland, there are many hidden gems here.

    • Squirrel Pose is a nice shot. He had been running around me for a while and had got comfortable enough to pause for a moment. Just after I took this he bounded off again.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Pleading red squirrel is my favorite! But they are all wonderful and I’m glad you saved them from cutting room floor. And thanks for the tip of burst shooting.

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