What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year I started a monthly photo challenge that takes place (now) on the first Saturday of each month. The challenge is called #1Day12Pics with a simple idea of taking one picture roughly every hour for 12 hours to tell the story of the day. I really love this challenge as it is not as long as a 30 day or 365 challenges, yet it still has the difficulty of needing to take 12 pictures in a day. On two months I did fail the challenge at around hour ten, but did try.

What was really interesting yesterday was how different my phoneography is, compared to a year ago. I understand that we all grow over a year and as we learn we change how we take pictures, but I didn’t think the difference would be so big.

The main thing I have changed is how I process my images. I have always used apps to edit my mobile pictures but I feel that my editing has gotten better and more refined. At present most pictures are edited either in Snapseed, Pixlr or Vsco Cam. I also use Google cam taking advantage of some of their features instead of the standard phone’s camera app. I am also use tap to focus and take burst shots, then I go back and choose the sharpest image.

If you want to join in the next Challenge it is on the 4th of April (the Saturday before Easter). You can join in on both twitter and Instagram using the tag #1day12pics.

Let me know what you think of the pictures, as well as any favourites you have.

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15 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes

  1. An interesting concept. I wouldn’t mind doing it. I love editing with Snapseed and Aviary, but as with you I have found that my style is changing. It is a natural progression.

    • I have taken part for the last 12 months and I have messed up. The great thing about the challenge is that in the community even the creator (Emma) has admitted to not completing the challenge. No one looks at that though, we just love sharing the pictures.

    • I suppose you could do it on a regular blog, I know that Emma and Michelle wanted it to be an extension to a twitter chat they hold on Thursdays. The next one is on Saturday if you want to join in and get instagram.

      • Sounds great!!! I really might join in and just post in a regular blog post with the hashtag, that might work? I can’t have instagram, I have no modern phone 😦 Thanks for the hint!

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