One Four Challenge; Winter Fork In The Road (Minor Adjustments)

For the last few months I have been taking part in the One Four Challenge. This challenge was created by Robyn from Captivate Me; the challenge is to edit one picture and each week edit it in a different way. At the end of the month you will have four interpretations of one picture.

Last week I mainly used Camera Calibration to edit the picture and got some interesting colour effects. This week I wanted to go back and tweak those colours a bit more to try and get a different feeling.
eLPy suggested emphasising the paths more as they were not obvious when first viewing the the image.
In last week’s edit I also noticed a lot of contrast in the image, for me this gave it a cinematic feel and it also sacrificed the details in the trees. This week I wanted to open  up the trees a bit more.

Winter Fork in the Road 2

I started off with Camera Calibration (this can be found in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw) and played with the sliders until I got the colours I wanted. I was looking to get warm bright browns in the trees and a slight blue in the shadows of the snow.
I made basic adjustments to balance the image and softened the shadows. I sharpened the image paying attention to the fine details and then used the gradient adjustment to add more sharpening to the trees. I also used a gradient adjustment at the bottom to brighten the snow.
Using the Local adjustment brush I darkened the path to emphasise it more.

What do you think about the changes, let me know in the comments below.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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23 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Winter Fork In The Road (Minor Adjustments)

    • Thank you Amy, I sharpened the whole image for fine details and then added a gradient adjustment for extra sharpening in the trees. I also kept the contrast low to stop the trees blending together.

  1. I like the tweaking that you did, Ben. Sharpening and gradient you did in the trees really did open it up. The subtle darkening of the path is great!

    • Hi Kirsten, it is all the small changes that can make an image pop. with the threes open the image has more subtle contrast to last week and for me feels slight more uplifting.
      I am glad you like the changes I made.

  2. Hi Ben, This edition is so appealing!
    I really like the way youve lightened the trees – I feel like thats how they would look on a sunny winter morning. So glad too that you darkened the path and the shadows are great! Very inviting 😃

  3. Sorry it took me so long to get back here! Think I get lost in the internet. 😉

    I like what you did with this edit. The trees look somewhat green to me, and maybe I see this because I have a thing for the ‘green haze’, as I call it, of spring. When you’re paying attention you can see the green seeping back into the trees even before it’s the obviousness of buds and new leaves. And that’s what this image portrays to me, it looks like spring’s green haze. It looks warm and inviting like the sun is shining down on the middle of the fork [trees]. The path is more defined, glad you considered my suggestion (an honor ;)).

    Nice edit!

    • With this challenge in particular all advise is welcome as what I see in the haze of editing maybe different from what others see with fresh eyes.
      Compared to week one the image is a bit more spring like and maybe fresher.
      Glad you like what I did with your surgestion and thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • Absolutely. This month for me was particularly challenging so I agree that as the editor/photographer it’s ironically easy to be ‘blinded’. 😉

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