Weekly Photo Challenge; Orange

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is Orange. An interesting idea for a theme as there are many ways you can go; capturing sunsets with the golden glow, which you could also find in landscapes during golden hour for example.

Orange is a colour that has been used through the ages; Ancient Egyptian’s utilised orange in the paintings and orange was used by medieval artists to colour manuscripts. Orange was the name of one of the most influential European royal houses and became the colour of Protestantism. We use the colour orange for high visibility jackets, space suits and life preserves. Orange is also a colour that is used in foods to boost a perceived flavour especially in snacks and children’s medicine.

Orange is considered to be an optimistic colour that can make you feel uplifted and rejuvenated. It offers a gut reaction not a mental reaction like other colours. Orange can represent adventure and risk taking, social communication, friendship and Divorce (?).


I wanted to use a simple interpretation of the theme and I went straight to the colour itself. Orange is made by mixing red and yellow. I thought how could I show this and grabbed my macro lens and started looking at the compositions of some colouring pencils placed together. Orange red and yellow can work nicely together in an analogous scheme, making a pleasing image.

I wanted the subject to be the orange pencil and placed it at the front with the red and yellow behind I focused on the orange pencil. I processed the image with basic adjustments in Lightroom.
Let me know in the comments what you think of my interpretation of the theme.
Also you can see others interpretations here Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Orange

  1. I think you interpreted this challenge beautifully — and I love the composition of t this photo 🙂 I never realized how orange makes such a statement, and now my eyes are on the lookout for more orange shots, aside from starting a collection of sunsets.

    Thank you for your visit and comment on my orangey California’s First Brick House photos, the first orange challenge I entered is at http://lolako.com/wpc-whats-not-to-love-about-the-color-orange/

  2. Great idea Ben, well executed. My only thought is whether the image is too close up and as a result the orange colour is less predominant due to the wooden element. If more of the shaft of the pencil were included there would be a greater amount of orange. John / MM 🍀

    • I did shoot a bit wider but the image’s composition was not as strong. Part of the reason for having the red and yellow in the background was to partly represent the origin of the could orange and to emphasise the orange as they pleasantly contrast each other.
      Your thoughts and input are appreciated if the pencils were bigger I would probably have done this.

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