February Wrap Up Photo A Day

February marked the 5th month of my photo a day challenge on Instagram. I have been using daily prompts provided by Fat Mum Slim, an Australian blogger. February got a little tricky in the middle, as I came down with the flu and for for a few days I took photos but didn’t get round to posting them. I don’t think this counted as breaking the rules so I am still on track for 365 pictures a day.

My photo a day has a Lego theme, this means that some prompts have a left field interpretation and others are a lot more obvious.

All were photographed with a Canon G10 using a combination of on camera flash, natural light and lamps. 90% of editing took place in Lightroom, if Photoshop was used it was usually for combining exposures.

If you wish to follow the daily posts of this self imposed challenge you can on Instagram and you can see previous months here.

Let me know your thoughts of February’s pictures in the comment box below.

11 thoughts on “February Wrap Up Photo A Day

  1. Great Lego shots, love your idea to use them for the FMS prompts (I have done quite a few of these on Instagram-love it). A 365 is tough, I have been taking photos daily since May 2009, so I should know! I am not sure I could have stuck to a year long theme though so admire anyone that does.

    • Hi, 365 are tough I would say I have been taking a picture a day for several years just not had the time or organizational skills to post one a day. With the lego theme it can be challenging as well as very rewarding to put a shot together.

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